The Microdermabrasion Tool

After one 5 minute treatment with our Microdermabrasion Tool, your skin will absorb moisturisers & serums more efficiently, allowing skin-care products to penetrate deeper into your rejuvenated skin. 

Weekly treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, pores, dead skin & wrinkles.

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customer testimonials

The Microdermabrasion Tool

Awesome! I use mine once-a-week and my face feels so smooth, plus my minor blemishes have improved over time (about 6 weeks).

Kim Walton

The Microdermabrasion Tool

2 short treatments per week is good for me & always moisturize after. No doubt I highly recommend!

Daniela Pucino

IPL Hair Laser Removal

In love with it! :) My skin feels smoother and the results are evidently noticeable!!

Ellie Nugent

The Microdermabrasion Tool

The micro crystalline head works the best for me, although i'll also switch through the other head tops from time to time.

Mary Van Ginkel

The Microdermabrasion Tool

Love it! I even use it on my partner and he loves it

Thank you.

Elise Porter

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